Breakfast Delight

Since my goal to focus on adopting a healthier life style: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually I have been working hard on staying on track. There are so many temptations but staying focus is the best I can do. If I do happen to fall I simply get back up, dust myself off and continue running this race. Since our bodies are the temple of the Living God I certainly believe that we should treat it right and that also includes what we eat and how much we eat.

For my breakfast I decided to  change it up a bit from the past; bread and a cup of tea, to now a healthy smoothie. I must admit that being in between jobs can be a bit challenging in an effort to eat healthier here in my country because the healthier foods are truly expensive. However, I have learned to be grateful for what the Lord provides and I use what’s in my hands to improve my eating habits and develop and maintain a healthier life style. I would also pray about what I desire and the Lord seriously provides the healthy foods. So I simply Commit the desires to Him, Trust that He will provide and Receive it; just as we have been encouraged in His word; “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, Trust in Him and He will do it (Proverbs 16:3).  Commit – Trust – Receive

I usually make smoothies with fruits and vegetables based on what’s in season at the moment since they will be a bit cheaper then.

Main ingredients for my Banana and Mango Oatmeal Smoothie

  • Frozen Banana (1/2) and mango slices
  • Quick Oats (1/2 cup)
  • Cinnamon (a dash)
  • Milk (table spoon)  ( I do not at the moment have protein powder)
  • Cubes of ice
  • Water (about a cup to 1/2 cup)
Banana and Mango


This was the final product:



This Smoothie was rather filling and of course delicious. Eating healthier doesn’t mean your food or drinks have to become distasteful. Use your creative hands to add an interesting spin on your meals. Make it something you would love to eat that is healthy everyday for the rest of your life.

Commit – Trust – Receive


It did keep me full till lunch. That’s the awesome thing about eating right, you wont necessarily have to snack.





Mommy my Ear Hurts

My son suffered from a cold which for some reason gave him an ear infection. You know that thing we learn in Science class (not my favourite class in the world) ; how the nose and ears are some how connected? Well this situation proved it to be true for me, because sometimes we never truly grasp unto a teaching/saying etc until it hits home.

He had been suffering from the infection for only a few days. He handled it well I must say; didn’t complain much ( I really think he got this from me hahaha). I kept him home from school to allow him some personal and quiet time to accommodate the healing process. I would also spend some time praying for his ear, the cold and the additional symptoms which accompanied it . I truly believe the first thing we should do as moms and dads is to pray for our children before we take them to the hospital and give them medication because the Almighty is our master physician. While covering him in prayer I would plead the blood of Jesus over his life, reminding God that He is the true healer. He said to bring all our burdens to Him and He will give us rest. I believed God for my son’s healing. I know this may seem small but I do not hesitate to tap into the realm of heaven for complete victory in this life. He said nothing is too small that He can’t handle, so I took the opportunity to reach out to heaven knowing that He would touch my son and restore him to perfect health. Humbly enough my son just laid there every time I prayed for him as if he understood the power of what was happening.

One morning, during this same week, he woke up complaining about the aching ear. He said one thing to me which melted my heart; “mommy my ear hurts, pray for me”. I was so stunned I asked him, “what?” He said it again; “pray for me” and he just laid there waiting for me to begin. I was amazed at this little boy. At his tender age he understood the importance of prayer. How prayer could bring about healing to his painful ear. I, without hesitation reached out to touch his ear and prayed for it.

This made me realize how much our children pay attention to how we handle situations. If I had handled this with fear, giving him medication and rushing him to the doctor (which is not wrong if it is necessary), he would have missed the opportunity to understand the significance of prayer in his life. Instead he was able to not only know I pray for him but to see me in action, praying for him. He is watching everything I do and if I do not seek Christ first in any situation that’s what he will adopt. As parents it is our duty to train our children up in the Lord, in the way they should go, so when they get older they will know the importance of seeking the kingdom of God and His Righteousness first before making any decision.

When we think our children aren’t taking notes of how we live, they are. They wont use a physical note pad and pencil, but will use their hearts. We should be careful what we do or say, how we treat them and how we treat other people. Lets give them something positive to take into the world, to share with someone else as they grow up. Let’s be mindful that Christ has called us to be Kingdom Parents; where we seek the Lord first in every and any situation for His total guidance.


Becoming a Kingdom parent is as simple as seeking God out with your whole heart and operating from the foundation of His Love. Remember His greatest commandment is to Love the Lord with our whole heart , our whole mind, our whole soul and our whole strength and the second greatest is to love our neighbors as ourselves.