Deep Conditioning Day

New deep conditioning application method for my year, 2017.


I came across a YouTube video where the individual was explaining the process of her new deep conditioning method and how it drastically changed her hair quality and and increased length.  What she shared in a nutshell was this; she changed how she deep conditioned her hair. In the past she would not use heat in the conditioning process, just product, leaving it in the hair until its time to wash it out.  But she discovered that applying heat do add substantial benefit to the hair. Heat actually allows the hair follicle and scalp to open up for all the healthy ingredients to penetrate deep within. These are necessary to help the human hair grow thick, healthy, strong and long. What she realized was that after applying her deep conditioner and then steaming her hair with the use of a heat cap/steamer the results were amazing. She experienced not only a change in the quality of the hair but also healthy growth.

I decided to try the process with the goal of experiencing the same results. This calls for some dedication to this process, but I am sure and hoping it will be worth it. In the past I used the simple method of deep conditioner, oil and a hair plastic cap or wrap. It went well, especially when I did the oil treatments; my hair was SUPER SOFT. OMG!!!!! But it’s time for a little change, and hey Change Is Good now and again.

I so far have done this once. About an hour ago I deep conditioned my hair, please note, it was not done with the heat cap method; I was just too lazy this evening. Sorry!!! 😦 But Hey !! I did the hand massaging method to stimulate the heat in my scalp/head and yes my scalp was Hot!!! and it felt good too. !!!!

Below will show the deep conditioning steaming process:

Here I sectioned off my hair and applied the deep conditioning and oil treatment. Sectioning made it easier for me to manage the hair.  (Right Side View)
Here I sectioned off my hair and applied the deep conditioning and oil treatment. Sectioning made it easier for me to manage the hair.  (Left Side View)
After applying the treatment I covered my hair with a plastic wrap. Yes an actual plastic wrap. (Hair treatment on a budget) Besides doing this not only save you some cash but it gets the job done well too.
After wrapping the hair I had my “steamer” set-up and allowed it to steam my hair for 30-40 minutes. This here isn’t an actual steamer, it’s more like a hair dry but it was what I had available at the time.
This is what my hair looked like after being steamed. The heat from the dryer circulated around my hair and made it really moist. So I am confident that my hair follicles were opened and magic began.
I then had the treatment washed off with warm water. I used warm water because it ensures that the product is completely removed and opens up the scalp again. I also separated each plat to ensure they were all thoroughly washed. I wanted absolutely no product in the hair. I gave each section a second rinse but this time with cold water. This was done to close off the hair follicles. Once this was done well, I took the time to insert a three strand plat for each washed out section. It looked pretty clean and it was very manageable. No Tangles!!!
This was what it looked like after the whole process. I dried them all together with a t-shirt, leaving them slightly damp. Then I applied my Cantu leave-in repair hair conditioner to each section, installing three strand twists before going off to bed.

This process did not feel one bit overwhelming at all. It’s something I intend to continue as long as I have the time. I will work with this method for the rest of the year in expectation of some positive results; hair growth, thicker hair, strong and healthier hair.


To attain positive and healthy results we must put in the hard work. Rome wasn’t built in a day but they never gave up until their vision was fulfilled. In every thing we put our hands to we must work hard if we want excellence!!! Excellence is not a gift. It must be pursued!!!!