Mentoring Moment: 10 benefits of having a spiritual mentor

I love this blog. Very timely in my research as I seek God for His direction into this new venture. I believe anyone who reads this will be blessed too.Very simple and concise.

Biblical Patterns for the Christian Life

Proverbs 27:17
17    As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10
9    Two are better than one,      Because they have a good reward for their labor.
10    For if they fall, one will lift up his companion.     But woe to him who is alone when he falls,     For he has no one to help him up.

Every Christian needs a spiritual mentor.  Each benefit and are stronger together.  The question is whether or not we will reach out and seek the counsel and guidance of a mentor.  Yes, the benefits are invaluable and provide a lifeline in the sea of life that has far too many storms.  But perhaps you are wondering what some of the key benefits might be of such a relationship.   Is it worth it?

While certainly not all inclusive the following is a short list of key…

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Living a Healthy Life

Hello Dearie!!!

I purposefully decided to seriously start living a healthy life; that is eating and drinking foods/drinks which will benefit my body. I am reminded that my body is the temple of the living God so I should treat it right!!

I have also decided to not be so hard on myself; if at first I don’t succeed I dust myself off and try again. I focus on making my meals interesting and exciting, you know, something I would Love to eat any day, any time. I also ensure to include my son in this journey. For the exercise, I also don’t go too crazy like in the past. I am learning Ballet, Yeah!!!! So I try to focus on body strength, yoga, ballet barre, Pilates kinda exercises.

Here’s a quick peek at a few healthier choices of food:

I am also focusing on incorporating anything into my life which will help develop my mind, soul, body and spirit to live with purpose. With this being said I am much more careful about what I watch, read, what I do, people I associate with etc… I am just being more mindful about my life in general. This will in fact bring about a positive change to my aspirations. One important thing which was shared with me from a leader of a foundation I decided to volunteer for was this; how far we get in this life will depend upon who we choose to associate with”. If there was one thing I remembered from first meeting was this simple statement. This statement is so true. We ought to learn to align ourselves for our blessings. Yes, Christ promised to bless us but we can’t just sit around at home and expect the blessing to fall unto our lap, we must get up and do something. Faith without works is dead! We have to take the first step and then we will see God manifest Himself in our situation. God is usually waiting for us to make the first step of faith, and then once we step into the ocean He opens up the waters for us to cross through. His provisions are already along this path He is calling us out unto. But if we never step out or hold out our rod like Moses did how can we expect to see the wonders of the Lord????

  !!! Please!!!! It just doesn’t work like this.

Another important thing; there might be some people in your life who just need to leave. Or maybe I should put it this way; you need to leave them, her or him alone and say goodbye! They may just be preventing you from moving into your blessing. If the people in your circle aren’t smarter than you, aren’t more experienced than you, aren’t wiser than you, aren’t persuading you to push towards this goal that you truly desire, then they are the wrong persons in your life at this moment. You should not spend too much hours associating yourself with them anymore. I get it, there have been there, you love them and you never want to depart. I know how that feels, but if you want to excel, sometimes you need to cut certain persons off who are not helping you produce much fruit. Everything including people in our lives is for a season. Sometimes we choose to keep them around longer than they were meant to stay. Some persons have already reached their expiration date and we are still holding unto them, and we wonder why we are not progressing. It might just be that you are adopting their attitude and being comfortable! We can’t expect life to happen if we are just Comfortable! Life is not for those who sit there and watch it pass by but for those who get up and make things happen for themselves.

If there are persons, unhealthy food habits, activities, relationships, organizations or any other thing in your life which should no longer be a part of it, it’s time to let it go and leave it behind. I believe if we aren’t where we desire to be it’s usually because we prevent ourselves from moving forward. Rather, we choose to hold unto too many weights which aren’t going to benefit us in this new chapter God is calling us to. All we need to do is decide to turn the page with courage and faith and trust that in this new chapter God has an amazing plan for us. It may involve a lot of new people, new and healthier food decisions, new challenges, new and great opportunities, maybe a new house, a new country, a new organization, a new book, a new and healthy relationship and many other New! NEW BLESSINGS!!

Quit holding yourself back, stop biting your nails, get up from underneath that sheet and turn that page!! Everything will actually be Great! Just Trust that where ever God is leading you to is perfect and the timing is on point!!

Life is waiting for you to choose to walk in it with Faith!


Please remember Dearie, the only one holding you back from starting this new chapter, whatever this may be is YOU! YES YOU!! You can be your own worst enemy or your most powerful motivator! Choose Life today and decide to live life on Purpose.

—– New Walk —–

I think the most obvious way to introduce yourself to someone new is by a friendly handshake, a smile and sharing your name. Well the funny thing is I can’t actually do that but I will try my best.

 Hey there! I am Donna. Donna A. Boyd-Burton.

It’s such a pleasure to meet you!!!!! 

It’s not my first time blogging so I am not truly new this world. It’s always interesting how we are able to share and help each other just through the stroke of a few keys on your computer, in the 0’s and 1’s world. How our life experiences can help so many people. Isn’t it funny how our situations may also seem a like? It’s all so interesting. That’s why I have decided to returning to the “world of blogging”. I wouldn’t consider myself to be a writer but I have a passion to help people, so I write. I realize that maybe if I share with you what I am going through, you will realize you are definitely not alone in this…. Life can become so unpredictable but if you have someone to share your pain, joy, happiness, sadness, accomplishments and the like with, it makes it worth living.

……….How It All Began………

One morning while lying on my bed, I was pursuing my purpose on this earth and it just came to me. Hahaha I KNOW RIGHT!!!! But yeah this light bulb just went on in my head. It all made sense. HELP. I am here to help people. “But how”, I inquired to God! “How am I to help people? I have nothing in my hands. I am but one person, with no money, in between jobs, my life just doesn’t seem like one which is capable of helping anyone.” But one thing I have realized is that these are the moments in our lives when God wants to do the best work in us. So I accepted this person whom God has created me to be; a helper. When I sat down and reflected over my life He revealed to me all the times I helped so many people and how happy I was when doing it. I realized also that this ‘thing’ you truly enjoy doing and excel at, is what you have been created to do. So I am choosing to follow my creator, since He created me, He would know what’s best for me and I choose to help people in any way possible as He leads.

Immediately after this light bulb went on in my head, and I understood why I am here, the definition for the acronym HELLP came about – Helping Everyone Life Live Purposefully. So I am here to share with anyone who needs a little encouragement, who needs someone to be real with you, who needs someone to help you get back on the right path, who needs someone to help you understand how to live life with a purpose.  I will do my best, streaming from my own life experiences; failures, mistakes, accomplishments, joys, etc…. to help in the best way I can.  What I love about this whole thing we call life is that no one is perfect, so we should not be too hard ourselves, because there is always room for positive change, to be whom we have been created to be.


My blogs will not be limited to just one or two subject lines, but really just expressing and sharing as my heart leads how to life live on a whole with purpose.