Breakfast Delight

Since my goal to focus on adopting a healthier life style: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually I have been working hard on staying on track. There are so many temptations but staying focus is the best I can do. If I do happen to fall I simply get back up, dust myself off and continue running this race. Since our bodies are the temple of the Living God I certainly believe that we should treat it right and that also includes what we eat and how much we eat.

For my breakfast I decided to  change it up a bit from the past; bread and a cup of tea, to now a healthy smoothie. I must admit that being in between jobs can be a bit challenging in an effort to eat healthier here in my country because the healthier foods are truly expensive. However, I have learned to be grateful for what the Lord provides and I use what’s in my hands to improve my eating habits and develop and maintain a healthier life style. I would also pray about what I desire and the Lord seriously provides the healthy foods. So I simply Commit the desires to Him, Trust that He will provide and Receive it; just as we have been encouraged in His word; “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, Trust in Him and He will do it (Proverbs 16:3).  Commit – Trust – Receive

I usually make smoothies with fruits and vegetables based on what’s in season at the moment since they will be a bit cheaper then.

Main ingredients for my Banana and Mango Oatmeal Smoothie

  • Frozen Banana (1/2) and mango slices
  • Quick Oats (1/2 cup)
  • Cinnamon (a dash)
  • Milk (table spoon)  ( I do not at the moment have protein powder)
  • Cubes of ice
  • Water (about a cup to 1/2 cup)
Banana and Mango


This was the final product:



This Smoothie was rather filling and of course delicious. Eating healthier doesn’t mean your food or drinks have to become distasteful. Use your creative hands to add an interesting spin on your meals. Make it something you would love to eat that is healthy everyday for the rest of your life.

Commit – Trust – Receive


It did keep me full till lunch. That’s the awesome thing about eating right, you wont necessarily have to snack.