Natural Hair Journey

I decided to join the Natural Hair Club during my pregnancy back in 2012. The thing is I didn’t even about this Natural Hair Movement which started long before 2012.I decided to go natural mainly because (1) I was with child and (2) I didn’t like what the chemical was doing to my natural roots!! While my hair was straight I suffered a lot of chemical damage and burns. Oh I hated getting burnt when having my hair permed. Gesssss!!

Due to these bad hair experiences I decided to go natural and I also started eating healthier too and so far these are the results.

These below pictures were when I was in the transitioning stage. I did not do the big chop because like I said I didn’t know about the natural hair movement. When I found out about this, I wasn’t in favour of chopping off all my hair.

My hair after it was fully transitioned Yeah !!!!!!! The year here was 2014/2015. I used Shea Butter and I must say this kept my hair seriously moisturized.










































This is my hair in 2017. This simple updo from a few days old twists, was done quickly for dance rehearsal.





I am still doing my best to take care of my hair… It can be a lot of work especially on a budget. During this period of my life I do a lot of protective styles. It’s my goal to treat it well so it will grow healthy, strong and long


Author: Adora

I am a Lover of the Lord, a Mother, a Dancer, a Helper and Administrator Love to support and encourage others in making positive & life changing decisions. Striving to be whom the Almighty has created me to be, and learning to be cool with this. Accepting where I am now but never planning for an eternity to remain in it. My goal is to always move forward to the plans that He has for me, to a Higher Mark!!!

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