Deep Conditioning Day

New deep conditioning application method for my year, 2017.


I came across a YouTube video where the individual was explaining the process of her new deep conditioning method and how it drastically changed her hair quality and and increased length.  What she shared in a nutshell was this; she changed how she deep conditioned her hair. In the past she would not use heat in the conditioning process, just product, leaving it in the hair until its time to wash it out.  But she discovered that applying heat do add substantial benefit to the hair. Heat actually allows the hair follicle and scalp to open up for all the healthy ingredients to penetrate deep within. These are necessary to help the human hair grow thick, healthy, strong and long. What she realized was that after applying her deep conditioner and then steaming her hair with the use of a heat cap/steamer the results were amazing. She experienced not only a change in the quality of the hair but also healthy growth.

I decided to try the process with the goal of experiencing the same results. This calls for some dedication to this process, but I am sure and hoping it will be worth it. In the past I used the simple method of deep conditioner, oil and a hair plastic cap or wrap. It went well, especially when I did the oil treatments; my hair was SUPER SOFT. OMG!!!!! But it’s time for a little change, and hey Change Is Good now and again.

I so far have done this once. About an hour ago I deep conditioned my hair, please note, it was not done with the heat cap method; I was just too lazy this evening. Sorry!!! 😦 But Hey !! I did the hand massaging method to stimulate the heat in my scalp/head and yes my scalp was Hot!!! and it felt good too. !!!!

Below will show the deep conditioning steaming process:

Here I sectioned off my hair and applied the deep conditioning and oil treatment. Sectioning made it easier for me to manage the hair.  (Right Side View)
Here I sectioned off my hair and applied the deep conditioning and oil treatment. Sectioning made it easier for me to manage the hair.  (Left Side View)
After applying the treatment I covered my hair with a plastic wrap. Yes an actual plastic wrap. (Hair treatment on a budget) Besides doing this not only save you some cash but it gets the job done well too.
After wrapping the hair I had my “steamer” set-up and allowed it to steam my hair for 30-40 minutes. This here isn’t an actual steamer, it’s more like a hair dry but it was what I had available at the time.
This is what my hair looked like after being steamed. The heat from the dryer circulated around my hair and made it really moist. So I am confident that my hair follicles were opened and magic began.
I then had the treatment washed off with warm water. I used warm water because it ensures that the product is completely removed and opens up the scalp again. I also separated each plat to ensure they were all thoroughly washed. I wanted absolutely no product in the hair. I gave each section a second rinse but this time with cold water. This was done to close off the hair follicles. Once this was done well, I took the time to insert a three strand plat for each washed out section. It looked pretty clean and it was very manageable. No Tangles!!!
This was what it looked like after the whole process. I dried them all together with a t-shirt, leaving them slightly damp. Then I applied my Cantu leave-in repair hair conditioner to each section, installing three strand twists before going off to bed.

This process did not feel one bit overwhelming at all. It’s something I intend to continue as long as I have the time. I will work with this method for the rest of the year in expectation of some positive results; hair growth, thicker hair, strong and healthier hair.


To attain positive and healthy results we must put in the hard work. Rome wasn’t built in a day but they never gave up until their vision was fulfilled. In every thing we put our hands to we must work hard if we want excellence!!! Excellence is not a gift. It must be pursued!!!!



Breakfast Delight

Since my goal to focus on adopting a healthier life style: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually I have been working hard on staying on track. There are so many temptations but staying focus is the best I can do. If I do happen to fall I simply get back up, dust myself off and continue running this race. Since our bodies are the temple of the Living God I certainly believe that we should treat it right and that also includes what we eat and how much we eat.

For my breakfast I decided to  change it up a bit from the past; bread and a cup of tea, to now a healthy smoothie. I must admit that being in between jobs can be a bit challenging in an effort to eat healthier here in my country because the healthier foods are truly expensive. However, I have learned to be grateful for what the Lord provides and I use what’s in my hands to improve my eating habits and develop and maintain a healthier life style. I would also pray about what I desire and the Lord seriously provides the healthy foods. So I simply Commit the desires to Him, Trust that He will provide and Receive it; just as we have been encouraged in His word; “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, Trust in Him and He will do it (Proverbs 16:3).  Commit – Trust – Receive

I usually make smoothies with fruits and vegetables based on what’s in season at the moment since they will be a bit cheaper then.

Main ingredients for my Banana and Mango Oatmeal Smoothie

  • Frozen Banana (1/2) and mango slices
  • Quick Oats (1/2 cup)
  • Cinnamon (a dash)
  • Milk (table spoon)  ( I do not at the moment have protein powder)
  • Cubes of ice
  • Water (about a cup to 1/2 cup)
Banana and Mango


This was the final product:



This Smoothie was rather filling and of course delicious. Eating healthier doesn’t mean your food or drinks have to become distasteful. Use your creative hands to add an interesting spin on your meals. Make it something you would love to eat that is healthy everyday for the rest of your life.

Commit – Trust – Receive


It did keep me full till lunch. That’s the awesome thing about eating right, you wont necessarily have to snack.




I am not a captive to Fear, Worry, Anxiety or Doubt

This is a 21 Day Devotional Fast I am currently doing from the YouVersion app. It has been every encouraging so far and I particularly loved this devotion which has given me more insight into living in faith with God.
The devotion is quoted below.


“In the famous narrative of David fighting Goliath, David needed one single shot to Goliath’s forehead. So the question follows, why did David pick up five stones when he only needed one? Generally there are two camps of thought; one camp says that David lacked faith; and another says that it was because Goliath had 4 brothers. The first is refuted because David already had experience fighting “both lion and bear” (1 Sam. 17:36), and he openly declares faith prior to the battle declaring, “The LORD… will deliver me” (1 Sam. 17:37). Furthermore, while scriptures do mention the death of ‘the brother of Goliath’ (1 Chron. 20:5), there is no biblical evidence that David actually killed the others.

Perhaps another view of the five stones was that David was simply being adequately prepared for the fight ahead. Extensive planning, thorough preparation, and acquiring enough resources to complete a task are not the opposite of faith because the task still requires faith to complete. In fact, it was faith that led David to the battle, but David ensured that he had the tools to execute, and gave all honor to The Lord when he was victorious. It is commonly believed that preparation is the opposite of reliance on the Holy Spirit, yet we observe from this account that The Spirit works powerfully in our preparation as well.

Imagine yourself in the next coming year reflecting back on this year because it was the best year you have ever experienced. Allow your imagination a few moments to fully probe that possibility. Identify three major feelings or achievements that come to mind. Ask The Father/Holy Spirit: What do I need to overcome in order to achieve those possibilities? What needs to change in my life today? How can I best ensure those changes become a reality?

Jesus, thank you that your Spirit empowers and prepares me to pursue the life you have created me to live. Thank you that you are currently interceding for me to not be held captive by fear or just simply ‘I am not a captive to fear, worry, anxiety or doubt, and thank you that whatever happens this year, you get all the glory. Thank you for supplying me the grace and strength to pursue you and all that you have for me. –Amen”

 My Personal Encouragement

This is a powerful devotion to help us pursue life with Purpose! Hope it helps you walk in Faith and manifest positive changes into your life.

Remind yourself that “I am not a captive of fear, worry, anxiety and doubt”. Christ is always interceding on our behalf because it’s His desire that we live out the life which has been predestined for us! A life of Victory, Power, Purpose, Hope, Wealth, Success…  Remember we are reminded that He did not give us the spirit of Fear! But what He gave was the spirit of Power, Love and a Sound Mind! When we think of this deeply, He has equipped us the necessary tools to pursue our dreams and purpose effectively!

Don’t be confused by that evil spirit of Fear, Doubt, Worry or Anxiety! We can do All things through Christ because He is our Strength. He has already gone before us to prepare the way, now He is just waiting on us to jump in it! Don’t let Fear cripple you from Jumping! Just JUMP! God is basically waiting on us to Just JUMP . But we are holding unto our comfort zones with our dear life and we expect God to move the mountains and manifest His power! No !!!!!! You need to Move first! His manifestations become activated when we step out into the water, the great unknown! So if you want to see God breakthrough for you, Obey Him today. Obey Him Now! Trust Him! If He is speaking to you today harden not your heart and walk into your new season with faith and trust in God!

You want God to manifest His power? Then start to move! Walk towards that Red Sea and make the first move and then you will see the power of the Lord activated right before your eyes.

He’s waiting on you!

Blessings, Peace & Love

Live Out Life with Purpose!!!!!

Healthy Hair Growth Tips part 2

Simple tips for healthy hair growth

Brushing and Combing Hair

One of the worst things that any of us can do to our hair is to brush or comb it out when it is wet. The hair is at its weakest when it is wet and combing it out then can actually cause damage and breakage to the hair. This we should totally avoid if we desire healthy long hair. Also to avoid damage you should always remember to comb or brush hair starting from the ends working your way up gently to the roots.

Silk or Satin Pillow Covers and Sleeping Caps

We shouldn’t only aim to protect our hair during the day but also at nights too. It is important to keep the moisture in our hair and to avoid it from breaking off or getting damaged. It is therefore important to wear the appropriate sleeping cap and use the best pillow cases. The Satin or Silk material is known to the best fabric and texture for the hair. It not only prevents damage but also helps locks in the moisture in the hair leaving the hair looking fresh and moisturized in the morning.

Massage Scalp

Stimulation, Stimulation, Stimulation!!!!!!! That’s basically what the hair breads on to grow out; massage to the scalp stimulates the hair follicle creating new growth.  This should be done for about 30 seconds to 1 minute; place the tips of your fingers onto the scalp, especially in strategic areas and gently massage at a modest rate. Results of new growth should appear between 4-6 weeks.

Protein Rich Foods/Biotin

You Are What You Eat!! This definitely applies to your hair as well. You will realize that if you change your unhealthy diet for one that is nutrient filled you will recognize an amazing difference in yourself and especially your hair. The better your body is nourished the faster, stronger and healthier your hair will grow.

Foods such as salmon, mackerel, sardines and tuna, eggs, cereal, nuts, vegetable (especially greens and carrots), and of course Water are beneficial to the hair in promoting growth.

“Biotin (Vitamin B) is also a healthy ingredient for hair growth and can be found in food such; eggs, soy, whole grains, and liver.”

By following these simple steps religiously you will experience healthy, strong hair growth over some time. It will be worth the effort when the results begin to blossom, thus encouraging you to continue these hair regime.

Healthy Hair Growth

Simple tips for healthy hair growth

It has been said many times that black girls’ hair doesn’t have the capability to grow long. I just want to say that this is a myth and in fact can be proven to be completely false. It may be true that some natural black women hair grow slower than other types of hair but this doesn’t mean it’s incapable of growing just as long as others.

To stimulate healthy growth here are a few steps to follow:

Trim Your Hair 

Trimming your split ends isn’t actually a way to grow hair, but it is a good strategy to stimulate healthy continual hair growth. If you do not get rid of those split ends they will cause extreme damage. When the hair is damaged at the ends it usually creates split ends, if they are not trimmed they will begin to split and travel up along the shaft of the hair. In an attempt to grow healthy hair this isn’t what you really want at all. It is then important to ensure that the ends are controlled and treated with care. Trimming should be done at least every 6-8 weeks and only about ¼ or ½ of an inch should be removed. You don’t want to cut off new growth you just want to trim the dead ends of your hair.

It is also best to trim your hair only with a sharp scissors made for cutting/trimming hair. This is because using a random all purpose scissors to trim the ends of your hair could actually cause more damage than good.

Use of Protective Styling

One of the weaknesses of natural hair is that it dries out too quickly leaving the hair dull and brittle vulnerable to frequent breakages.  The use of protective styling is one of the simplest method to adopt to combat hair damage while promoting growth and locking in moisture. It must be mentioned that the hair loves moisture to thrive. This method also helps protect the oldest part of the hair; the ends, from rubbing against your clothes, car seat, pillow case and any other item it may come in contact with. It also applies to night time routine; the simple adaptation of placing the hair in a loose pineapple and shielding it with the use of a silk/satin sleeping cap and silk pillow cases will protect it from getting damaged.

Some simple protective styling includes; twist, Bantu knots, loose up-dos are just a few.

Water Water Water

Before I was pregnant it seemed almost impossible for me to consume 8 glasses of water and it was a task even during my pregnancy. I literally used to struggle to drink these 8 glasses and sometimes used to cheat my way through it. I would have taken up to an hour to drink a 6 inches glass of water. However, as time progressed and I adopted this lifestyle even after the birth it became easier every single time. Now I can drink this 6” glass under a minute. This is to say that everything takes time and if you want healthy hair growth you have to put in the extra effort of adopting something you are not used to. As mentioned earlier natural hair gets dry really fast, but it thrives in moisture. What you put in is what you will receive on the outside. The water also helps in the process of flushing out any toxins in the body thus benefiting the hair by strengthening it.

Reduce The Use Of Blow Driers

Blow driers and/or hair dries generate a lot of heat which is very damaging to the hair when used too often. The less you use the blow drier, the less hair damage and split ends you will receive and the healthy your hair will grow. Alternative method = Air Dry!!!!

Deep Conditioning

This is as important as drinking water and keeping the hair hydrated. Once it is possible you should deep condition your hair at least once a week or twice a month. Basically, all you do is apply a generous amount to the hair ensuring that the hair is well moisturized with the conditioner and leave it in for at least 10 to 60 minutes. You may choose to steam it under a hair drier (with a steaming cap) or use a hot towel to wrap the hair up. The steam allows the conditioner to easily penetrate into the hair ensuring the best intake of nutrients. This will literally make the hair, silkier, healthier and stronger over time.

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Natural Hair Journey

I decided to join the Natural Hair Club during my pregnancy back in 2012. The thing is I didn’t even about this Natural Hair Movement which started long before 2012.I decided to go natural mainly because (1) I was with child and (2) I didn’t like what the chemical was doing to my natural roots!! While my hair was straight I suffered a lot of chemical damage and burns. Oh I hated getting burnt when having my hair permed. Gesssss!!

Due to these bad hair experiences I decided to go natural and I also started eating healthier too and so far these are the results.

These below pictures were when I was in the transitioning stage. I did not do the big chop because like I said I didn’t know about the natural hair movement. When I found out about this, I wasn’t in favour of chopping off all my hair.

My hair after it was fully transitioned Yeah !!!!!!! The year here was 2014/2015. I used Shea Butter and I must say this kept my hair seriously moisturized.










































This is my hair in 2017. This simple updo from a few days old twists, was done quickly for dance rehearsal.





I am still doing my best to take care of my hair… It can be a lot of work especially on a budget. During this period of my life I do a lot of protective styles. It’s my goal to treat it well so it will grow healthy, strong and long

Mentoring Moment: 10 benefits of having a spiritual mentor

I love this blog. Very timely in my research as I seek God for His direction into this new venture. I believe anyone who reads this will be blessed too.Very simple and concise.

Biblical Patterns for the Christian Life

Proverbs 27:17
17    As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10
9    Two are better than one,      Because they have a good reward for their labor.
10    For if they fall, one will lift up his companion.     But woe to him who is alone when he falls,     For he has no one to help him up.

Every Christian needs a spiritual mentor.  Each benefit and are stronger together.  The question is whether or not we will reach out and seek the counsel and guidance of a mentor.  Yes, the benefits are invaluable and provide a lifeline in the sea of life that has far too many storms.  But perhaps you are wondering what some of the key benefits might be of such a relationship.   Is it worth it?

While certainly not all inclusive the following is a short list of key…

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